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12 Steps To Stopping Hackers

To prevent an attacker and/or a red team from being successful in their mission of hacking, it is essential to implement robust security practices and continuously improve your organization’s security posture. Here are some key steps to protect your systems… 12 Steps To Stopping Hackers


Apache Hardening Guidelines

Introduction:We have prepared this hardening guideline to help safely and securely deploy and use the Apache web server. By following these recommendations, you can minimize the risk of cyber attacks and privacy breaches. Conclusion:By following these hardening guidelines, you can… Apache Hardening Guidelines

Windows 11 Hardening Guideline

Introduction: In order to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture and ensure the privacy of our organization’s data, we have developed a hardening guideline for using Windows 11. These guidelines must be used when deploying Windows 11. By following these guidelines,… Windows 11 Hardening Guideline