Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services is one of the most important capabilities Lockard provides. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) allows organizations to rapidly detect, analyze, investigate and actively respond to threats in real time through containment and isolation. No matter the EDR, Lockard’s cybersecurity subject matter experts will manage operational burden of EDR. This includes but not limited to, deploying and updating agents. Creating and tuning rules and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Investigating events and conducting incident response and handling. Lockard’s MDR as a Service offering comes in two main options as seen below:

Option 1. Bring Your Own EDR.

Lockard is technology agnostic, which allows us to work with what ever EDR tool your company has. We always conduct gap analysis to determine the capabilities of your EDR. With the goal of making sure its able to meet the required level of expectations to keep your endpoints safe and secure.

We realize in some cases, a multi year license agreement may have been purchased and we’re forced to make the best of what you got. This happens and we make the most out of the situation. Conducting table top exercises via Purple Team, Red Team and/or Penetration Testing can help determine gaps.

Option 2. Lockard Brings Our EDR

In the event you business is in the market for EDR, you’ve came to the right place. Every year Lockard conducts Proof of Concept (POC) testing amongst the Gartner top EDR players in the space. Each year since 2015, CrowdStrike has been leading the way. Lockard has maintained a strong partnership with CrowdStrike via MSSP level agreement and authorized reseller account to provide deep discounts with bunding CrowdStrike with our MDR services. We’re able to sell CrowdStrike to you along with managing the daily operations of it.

Lockard ensures policies are created, maintained, agents deployed and updated, tuning rules and improve confidence level in alerts, along with responding to threats via incident response and handling procedures.

We provide a 2 week free trial of our MDR with CrowdStrike as a Service offering. Ready to get started?