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Lockard is a cybersecurity firm protecting businesses and their reputations from cyber threats, ransomware attacks, and data theft.

A solid cybersecurity strategy is crucial for protecting your business.

  • Would your company survive a ransomware attack?
  • Would your company survive a cyber attack?
  • How exposed is your company data?
  • Are you prepared for supply chain attacks - hacking of suppliers, vendors, or clients?
  • How is your company proactively defending itself from cyber attacks?
  • Do you have an Incident Response Plan for data recovery and restoring operations?
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    Our Mission

    Proactively protecting our customers from risks associated with cyber threats.

    Our Strategy

    Stopping hackers, nation state and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

    Our Tactics

    Staying ahead of the every evolving threat landscape, while providing the best-in-class cybersecurity services.

    Our Team

    Industry certified ethical hackers, incident responders and cybersecurity experts.


    Did you know, you're in the "invisible war"?

    Cyber security is a very important part of running a business. There is an ever evolving invisible war going on right now, and it's non stop! This war is unlike any war you've seen or heard of before. Instead of countries attacking each other using ground troops, airstrikes, bombs, bullets, tanks, etc... This new war includes the entire internet, every business, every connected devices and person. Instead of ground troops, this war includes hackers, nation state backed bad actors, and other advanced persistent threats (APTs) along with cyber criminals. Instead of bombs and bullets, they use exploits, viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans, spyware, backdoors, rootkits, phishing, RATs, worms to name a few commonly seen tactics. These folks are after making money and disrupting your businesses operations. The attackers pull this off via ransoming access to your data and/or to your systems, stealing identities, credit cards, personal health information, intellectual property, gaining unauthorized access to email boxes, networks and systems to launch further attacks from. They conduct data breaches, spying, industrial espionage and social engineering to further achieve their goals. On average, ransomware demands $6 million dollars for the decryption keys. On average it takes companies over 250 days to figure out they have been hacked. Most of the time these companies find out via a 3 letter agency such as the FBI, NSA and/or the CIA contacting them about their breach.

    Are you secure?

    The days of relying on IT guy and/or IT team are over. Anti-Virus and firewall is not good enough. Would you bring a knife to a gun fight? The methods companies used in the past are outdated and no longer work. We see multi billion dollar companies fall victim to cyber attacks all the time. Cyber security is not a one size fits all and to do it right requires understanding how attackers would target and take advantage of a weakness in your company. When was the last time a penetration test was conducted? When was the last time vulnerability assessment was conducted? When was the last time ransomware simulation was ran? When was the last email purple team engagement? When was the last red team engagement? Is security architecture reviews happening for every new and changing request, including on-prem and in cloud? Are you conducted a thorough investigation and vetting process on your vendors? Supply chain attacks are a real and very serious thing. Are you tracking risk exceptions and time bounding them along with follow ups? Are you assessing your employees to ensure they are stay safe and vigilant online? Are you monitoring the darkweb for leaked employee credentials? Do you have a solid incident response plan? How would you know if something bad happened on your network and/or a system? If you can not answer all of these questions, your company is at risk.


    Our Testimonial

    Our customers love how we stop hackers and keep their businesses safe. But do not take it from us, hear it from them!